Bainbridge Island Museum of Art Working Wire bainbridge museum of art Working Wire AOT Cell Pod 1 detail duchamps nude Jellyfish Jellyfish moonflower nautilis nudibranch orifice pit pitestal detail prickly pod prickly pod detail red astrina red astrina detail solar flare tall tunicate tall tunicate detail

Sea 'scape
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Sea 'scape
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Sea 'scape
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Seven Spiraling Spheres
82 x 25 x 20 inches

Cell Pod 1
10 x 18 x 18 inches
Steel, copper
Cell Pod 1 detail
Cloud 9
74 x 22 x 12 inches
Nickel plated copper, copper, aluminum
36 x 12 x 6 inches
Stainless steel, copper, resistors, acrylic ball
Detritivore detail
Double Ender
14 x 25 x 16 inches
Steel, copper, stainless steel
Duchamps Nude
66 x 36 x 32 inches
64 x 40 x 40 inches
Nickel plated copper, resistors, metal lathe shavings, monofilament
Jellyfish detail

16 x 24 x 15 inches
Cotton covered copper,copper
Multifllora Horridus
66 x 16 x 32 inches
Copper, aluminum, license plate corners, porcelain insulators, capacitors
38 x 38 x 4 inches
30 x 16 x 12 inches
Stainess steel trolling wire, copper
16 x 13 x 20 inches
Copper, bronze boat screws
61 x 16 x 16 inches
Steel, wood boat plug, bronze fire hose nozzle, alum drain fitting, truck horn, copper, nectarine pits, sea urchin spines, capacitors, baggywrinkle
Pitestal detail

Prickly Pod
26 x 66 x 24 inches
Stainless steel trolling wire, copper
Prickly Pod detail

Red Astrina
40 x 40 x 6 inches when flat
Copper, stainless steel trolling wire
Red Astrina detail

Solar Flare
38 x 38 x 12 inches
Stainless steel, copper, steel wood stove handles
Tall Tunicate
54 x 16 x 16 inches
Copper, resistors
Tall Tunicate detail